Friends of VOS,
Welcome to our website.
We think we have something special to offer our visitors. The pictures and video have been taken during our work with some really wonderful people doing good kaizen work.
We hope you will find something that stimulates you to try an improvement in your own work.
We believe workplace improvement to be a very personal thing to do. We spend at least a 3rd of our life or half of our waking life at our work.
Improving each day is what always keeps us coming back to our workplace.
We believe it is the same for most of if not all of us.
We would love to hear from you regarding your personal journey within your own workplace.
Please take the time to email us at cvoss@vosllc.com.
Kaizen spirit,
Charlie and Cindy

What We Do:

Our approach is to cooperate with companies who have a passion to improve their company and have a sincere desire to understand the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS).   A typical company will have already made progress in their journey, but may be challenged to understand the next steps or how to sustain their rate of progress.

We take a “hands on” approach to implementation of improvements using TPS philosophy. We do this work in a target area based on your needs. We expect a small team of your key people to work with us, also “hands on”. In the process of doing together we discover the “gaps”. We then focus the implementation to get the business case results.